The Joy Of Cooking

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Photos: Manoo ManooKulkit Styling: Jengkiskhan Items: MLK Connect, PARADOX, LSA, Atelier J, Smeg, Central Chidlom, Alessi, MOTIF

Good cooking doesn’t have to be messy. Bring the joy into your kitchen with our selection of kitchen tools. Choose some of your favorite ones to make your cooking time a fun time and enjoy your meal.

  1. Espresso machine from SMEG , Cha kettle /teapotand 9090 Espresso coffee maker from Alessi
  2. Woman glass and cutting board from PARADOX , Decanter and glasses from Atelier J
  3. Blue cutting board from Atelier J, juice squeezer from Smeg, Tumblr from Joseph available at MLK Connect.
  4. Tom Dixon’s Tank Decanter Copper from Motif, stainless spoon and ice cubes from PARADOX, MP1562 black salt & pepper grinder from Alessi , stainless salt & pepper grinder by ZWILLING from MLK Connect , glass dishes from Atelier J
  5. Red mixer from SMEG ,Anna Gong Folding Cake Stand and A09 timer from Alessi, cake mold from PARADOX, stainless whisk from Paradox
  6. Yellow cutting board Paradox, Todo Giant Grater and The 9093 Kettle from Alessi
  7. LE CREUSET Pot set from Central Home at Central Chidlom, placemat from Atelier J , measuring spoons from PARADOX.
  8. Wooden cutting board and wooden trays from PARADOX, Ballarini Rosso kitchen tools series in red silicone from MLK Connect, Espresso shot cup from LSA.